Provide assistance in creating and/or developing your vision into  script. 

Our services are tailored to your specific type of project or content: Commercial, New Media, Social Media, Short Film, Feature Film, Pilot, Series and etc. 

  • Brainstorming ideas from scratch.

  • Developing your vision.

  • Guidance in writing a project bible. 

  • Writing an original script.

  • Editing your existing script.



Guidance through all of the pre- production steps.

Can  be as involved in the project as you prefer. 

  • Budgeting for project.

  • Creating pitch decks.

  • Coaching you through your crowdfunding experience.

  • Production scheduling.

  • Hiring crew.

  • Location scouting.

  • Shot list and story board preparation.

  • Casting talent.

  • Costume design.

  • Set Design.

  • Liaisons between the client and the production team.


Professionally produce your project to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.  

  • Manage the production crew.

  • Manage talent and extras.

  • Set up and take down.

  • All business forms and releases necessary.

  • Take care of Krafty and catering.

  • Keep communication between production and outside locations.

  • Set decoration.

  • Costume design.

  • All communication between departments facilitated through us.


Navigate the team every step of the way from editing to placement of  the project. 

  • Hire post production crew.

  • Partake in editting sessions.

  • Provide feedback.

  • Webdesign and social media package available. 

  • Help choose which festivals best fit your project.

  • Organizing deadlines.

  • Promotion of project.

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We can bring a full team of professionals to your project.